Character Creation

To create a character, it is helpful to first pick an identity. This could be anything describing who your character is. It might be a passion (like „Collector“), a profession („Baker“), a general character archetype („Hero“), defining personality trait („Fool“), a combination or something else you come up with.

Next, you get to spend 10 points on your starting ability scores. Make sure all attributes have at least one point after you are done.

Lastly, pick one Skill from each attribute category and increase its level to 1.


Your current physical and mental state is represented by four attributes.

♠️StrengthPhysical fitness and power as well as confidence and decisiveness.
♦️IntelligenceRepresents knowledge, logic and attention, as well as sanity.
♣️DexterityMobility, speed, balance and accuracy as well as secrecy.
♥️CharismaCharm, Kindness and social Skills, as well as mental state and motivation.

Attribute points fluctuate. They can be awarded or taken away, both for decisions and as a result of skill checks. They can be spent to re-roll skill check results.

Under normal circumstances, attribute values range between 1-5. They can drop to 0, but this has serious consequences.


In the labyrinthine corridors of The Infinite Library, every story you embark upon is a unique and challenging journey, filled with puzzles to solve, opponents to overcome, and countless unforeseen circumstances. But fear not, for as the hero of these tales, you possess an impressive repertoire of skills at your disposal.

♠ Strength Skills

♠♠Brute ForceUse raw strength or attack.
♠♦DefyStand your ground or brace for impact.
♠♣GrabHold or move something.
♠♥IntimidateInstill fear or make a threat.

♦ Intelligence Skills

♦♠ExplorePerceive your surroundings or investigate.
♦♦AnalyzeExamine a situation or object to gain insight.
♦♣TinkerInteract or modify devices and objects.
♦♥PersuadeConvince someone using reason or appeal.

♣ Dexterity Skills

♣♠EvadeDodge or avoid an attack or obstacle.
♣♦StealthMove quietly and remain undetected.
♣♣AgilityPerform acrobatic feats or move quickly.
♣♥DeceiveLie or trick someone to achieve a goal.

♥ Charisma Skills

♥♠InspireBoost morale or increase motivation.
♥♦HelpAssist someone or treat an injury.
♥♣EnthrallCaptivate an audience or gain attention.
♥♥CharmWin someone over with charisma or grace.

Skill Checks

For a skill check, you roll 2d6 and add your skill level.

If you are unhappy with the result, you can spend an ability point of either attribute associated with the skill to roll again.

DifficultySuccess Result
🟢 Easy5+
🟡 Medium7+
🟠 Hard10+
🔴 Impossible13+

Rolling double 1s is always a failure, rolling double 6s is always a success.


You do not always know what consequences await you. But as a rule of thumb, succeeding on a skill check will grant you one point in the skills primary attribute. On the other hand though, failing a check will cost you one point of that attribute.

If an attribute would hit 0 or 5 due to this change, you will loose or gain a point in the skill you rolled your check for instead.

All skill values (as well as attributes) have to stay in the 0 – 5 range. If the skill value can not change due to a success or failure, change the attribute instead, even if it hits 0 or 5. (But never below 0 or above 5)

Serious Consequences

If any of your attribute values hits 0, you suffer serious consequences. These depend on the situation you are in, but the following table can give you an idea if what to expect:

♠️StrengthYou pass out, you get a serious injury or die.
♦️IntelligenceYou space out, loose focus or go insane.
♣️DexterityYou get sore, incapacitated or permanently paralyzed.
♥️CharismaYou loose motivation, suffer permanent emotional damage or give up completely.

Good Luck!