teaser trailer for the cinkblot project

Hello there!

No matter what you think, your money will NOT go towards developing any form of hyper advanced artificial intelligence.

​Now, that this is out of the way:

​Thank you for stopping by my website. If you have arrived because you played a demo of mine and decided to support the making of the project, i sincerely want to thank you! Your money will ensure that I can focus on creating content free for everyone to enjoy.

​Some of the things that my patreon directly supports are:

The Dream: 
​While it may look like and certainly function well as a pretty screensaver, the dreams game of which you can see a short clip on this page will provide more than the visual background for the story. It will have gameplay elements rewarding playful curiosity and experimentation. It is designed to feel like a surreal interaction with a living organism that constantly evolves and shifts. It is about discovering it’s properties and using gained knowledge to gain control over what may at first seem like a random mess. If i do it right, it should feel like conducting science experiments.

To experience this part of the game, you will need a copy of Dreams for Playstation. If you do not already own a copy, you can either get one yourself, or

The “AI”:
​An interactive experience presented in the form of a messenger app. You can see a short demo at This experience is written in ink, a scripting language that allows for complex interactive fiction. A focus of mine is the assessment of the players character, so the fictional AI can adapt and provide a unique experience for every playstyle. The fact that text can be adjusted down to the sentence structure and word selection, paired with the automated voice synthesization, provides an experience that would not be possible in a human-narrated game and fits the character of the AI perfectly.

The story:
​Do you really want spoilers? In a nutshell, the game will be about you and an A.I. that requires your help fighting off a virus. While you chat with and get to know your robot companion on your phone, you will learn about it’s creation, the people behind it, it’s goals and most importantly your relationship to it. Or maybe you will learn nothing off those things because you force the A.I. to play Tic-Tac-Toe every time before you go to bed and promise to “help it later, if you find the time”. It is also about what it means to be human and such things, but i am going to stop myself here.

​So, what’s the plan?
In short, i want to dedicate as much time to this project as possible. I have plans to scale based on how much interest there is in the making of this game:

​If there is no interest: I will accept that the idea is not worth making, and just imagine the world in my head until i am satisfied exploring it.

​If there is little interest: I will quietly work on the basic mechanics of the dreams game and the bare bones of the messenger whenever i have time, to get a playable version done. I will make the story interesting, but keep some of the bigger ideas out of it, so i can properly develop them some other time in some other way… I just like them too much to risk half-assing these.

​If there is a good amount of interest: I will scale up the narrative side of the game. I will add volume and variation to the dialog, provide more player options and outcomes. I will implement a couple of mechanics i have in the back of my mind but not yet tried out. The average playtime would increase for both parts. It will be a fairly complete experience.

​If there is a wild amount of interest,
​i will make this game, and the world around it, my full time job. I could stream my writing and game design sessions, and allow everyone to peek over my shoulder. The world will come to live not only in the game but partly in real life, on social media. Viewers, Followers and Patrons get to decide wich story arks and game mechanics will be implemented and added in future updates. There could be seasonal content, as well as things for you to chat or play with the A.I. while you are on the go. If i had to dream absurdly big, i would say there are, for sure, story hooks that allow for spin-offs in different types of game genres and platforms. But at that point you would just be saying: JUST GIVE US MORE, WE WILL FIGURE IT OUT! And yeah, we would. Best case scenario, we could hire other creators to provide vastly different expieriences that still slot into the universe and overall ark of the fantasy world i want to build with you…

​Maybe, one day, we will even have an actual A.I., that recognizes your voice, and… maybe… even… l – sorry. I forgot for a moment what i was saying in the beginning. Remember: It is just a game.