This project is currently on hiatus and not necessarily up to date and working. If you are interested in using this, feel free to reach out to me. If i find the time i can help you with your own setup.

Twitch Plays Dreams makes it possible to create Mutiplayer Twitch Games. It works by reading the chat, sending button presses to dreams via Remote Play and interpreting them. Dreams can differentiate between different players by adding a specific L-stick-position to any other button prompts send. Below you will find the controls for the bot, download links for all necessary tools and a remixable multiplayer puppet that contains the interpreter chip for player numbers.


Public Chat Controls

X, xPress X
O, oPress O
LEFT, Left, left, L, lPress D-Pad Left
RIGHT, Right, right, R, rPress D-Pad Right
UP, Up, up, U, uPress D-Pad Up
DOWN, Down, down, D, dPress D-Pad Down
Public Chat Controls

Streamer Chat Commands

!startStarts recieving commands.
!stopStops recieving commands.
!player x @nameAssign Player 1-10. Leave the name blank to reset.
!collectionOpens a tab in Chrome that launches the Twitch Plays Dreams Collection. Also works if streamlabs posts this command.
!WYROpens a tab in Chrome that starts the Would You Rather Dream. Also works if streamlabs posts this command.
Streamer Commands


To run TwitchPlaysDreams you will need 4 Tools. The Bot to read your chat, the server to communicate with the driver, which simulates the controller for Remote Play. Phew! Sounds more complicated than it is, i promise. Just install the following tools and pay attention to the notes i provided. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

If a link appears to not work, try right click -> save as.

1) Twitch Plays Dreams Bot

This is the program that reads your chat, differs between players, launches dreams and sends the necessary input to the server.

You might get a warning due to the Software not being signed, wich you can ignore. Click through the setup, and when the rest is ready, start the tool and enter your channel name. See the commands above for further usage.

2) ViGemBus Driver

This is a backend that allows communication via a simulated controller with RemotePlay while it runs in the background.

3) Twitch Plays Dreams Server

The server by the amazing @VinceKully takes the input and sends it to remote play. Right click on the link and select “Save as…” to download. Click through the installer. Important: This program needs to be run as an administrator (right click, Run as Administrator) when you want to use it.

4) PS Remote Play

The official PS Remote Play App is needed to get the button presses to the PS. The App can be in the background.

If you need help with the setup, want to make a game with this in mind or have general feedback or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me. You can find my details on the the_timme tab.

Additional Resources

Twitch Multiplayer Puppet

This is a pulse-controlled puppet that aligns to the grid, can pick up objects and use them. It comes with the Multiplayer Controller Chip, so just delete the puppet if you want to build a custom game utilizing only the player assignment system.