Twitch Plays Dreams

Public Chat Controls

XPress X
OPress O
LEFT, Left, left, LPress D-Pad Left
RIGHT, Right, right, RPress D-Pad Right
UP, Up, up, UPress D-Pad Up
DOWN, Down, down, DPress D-Pad Down
Public Chat Controls

Streamer Chat Commands

!startStarts recieving commands.
!stopStops recieving commands.
!sp @nameAllow only one person to play – or everyone again, if you don’t add a name
!delay xSets the delay between and duration of button presses to x ms.
Consider increasing this when input is dropped too often. Default: 250
Streamer Commands



For Streamers

When starting the bot, type in the channel name to join. The streamer can type !start in chat to activate chat commands.

If you have trouble with the installation, let me know or try the OneClick install at using the internet Explorer.

PS Remote Play

For Streamers

Connecting Remote Play as Player One allows Chat to play single Player Games (you can connect your Controller to the PC to gain additional control for yourself)

Alternatively you can connect Remote Play as Player Two via a secondary User Account, if the game is set up for it.

Twitch Chip (optional)

For Developers

Games without the twitch chip can still react to d-pad, X and O. The Chip adds the capability to trigger events based on Subs, raid size, cheer amount or reward price.

(Sadly the bot still needs to learn how to read channel events.)